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Immerse yourself

Share a moment of emotions, at the ready of animals: lemurs, lorikeets, dwarf goats and wallabies welcome you to their home!

Take the time to observe them, to listen to them. They too are watching you, the more adventurous may even try an approach …

The labyrinth of lemurs

Here the roles are reversed … Vivid and malicious, our Makis Cattas welcome you to their home. Souki, Sambava, Mainty, Arya, Onara, Tic and Wahou have taken possession of a labyrinth.

Visitors follow the path and observe the Makis Cattas jump over their heads, cross on the way and sometimes even create contact.

The aviary of the lorikeets

Come and go into the aviary …


Among these mischievous little parrots, let yourself be seduced by the beauty of their plumage, watch them fly and make contact with its little nectarivores …

Remember to take a small pot of nectar at the reception.

Dwarf goats

Young and old enter the enclosure and enjoy a special moment with curious and peaceful dwarf goats.


Go into the enclosure of wallabies and observe them in their environment. Open the eye well and you may see the newborn still in his mother’s pocket!