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Founded in 1972 by Bertrand Galopin, the Bordeaux-Pessac Zoo first opened its gates on August 8, 1976 and quickly became one of the main tourist attractions in the Gironde region.

At the Bordeaux gateway, the zoo is a family-friendly setting and an ideal place to create memories with family. For more than 40 years, the zoo has evolved to meet the needs of our residents and visitors. In a lush and shaded setting, 250 animals can be discovered winding along the paths of the park. Events are organized throughout the year and each visit delivers a new experience.

Modernization of the Zoo

Since 2015, the Park knows a new impetus with the arrival of a new direction. The focus is now on emotions, experiences and share special moments.


The zoo is no longer simply a place where we observe animals in their biotope but a place where we feel emotions, where we live unique moments. ”

Education and entertainment

As representatives of nature, raising public awareness for the protection of endangered species is one of our main priorities. Educational workshops held by the « Ecol’o’zoo » are offered to students so they can learn about and become aware of these universal problems from a young age. The zoo is an educational tool accessible to everyone and works in conjunction with the school curriculum.
Creating a great experience for your visit is at the heart of our endeavors. We invite you to enter this fascinating world and experience unforgettable emotions and adventures.