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Throughout the year, we offer VIP encounters with certain animals in the park. This is an opportunity for you to learn directly from our caretakers about these animals behavior and their way of life in a fun and educational environment.
Experience the red pandas, otters, cheetahs, giraffes and others. There are many opportunities to interact with our team on topics such as nutrition, biology, and conservation efforts for the animals that interest you.

Bird shows

Limited seasonally from April to October, we offer you the opportunity to embark on a journey around with world alongside our pirate and his deck-hand. You will experience the intense emotion of being surrounded by our birds travelling in free flight. You will have the opportunity to discover the agility of the cockatoos, the majesty of the macaws, and the mysterious flight of the owls.

Visit ideas

Consider taking a small pot of nectar at the entrance of the lorikeet show and a photo of the event schedule at the park entrance.