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Between laziness and excellence, discover to the Zoo of Bordeaux Pessac the secrets of impressive animals coming from the whole world.
Equipped with sharp claws and rétractiles, the predators excel at the silent approach and spread a safe grip during the attack. The muscle structure of the Lions, Tigers or other panthers allows them to realize, between two repair naps, exploits in terms of speed, jump, escalation, … to keep their status of merciless hunters.
Certain preys also impress, among whom Giraffes, which down from their 4m50 are capable of bringing down a Lion all at once of leg … Or still the Huge Tortoise of Seychelles, champion heavy truck of the ground tortoises, capable of weighing more than 100 kg and of living until 150 years!


Tigre Blanc

Do you know what the majestic white tiger and young mongoose have in common? They are both carnivores, an order consisting of a diverse assortment of species. Often thought of as formidable predators, they are at times agile climbers, such as the coati. Living either on land or in water, they can eat meat, fish, and even plants like in the case of the red pandas.

Discover them during your visit.


Gibbons à mains blanches

As soon as you enter the park, you can hear the singing of the gibbons, a remarkable representative of the family of apes. Or as you wander the park’s walkways, be astonished by the powerful cry of the varis, a species endemic to the island of Madagascar.



Oftentimes little known but consistently astonishing, birds form a diverse group. Find yourself hypnotized by the stare of the great grey owl, spellbound by the enigmatic snowy owl, and amazed by the colors of the macaw’s plumage. Immerse yourself in the lorikeet aviary for a magical encounter – you will leave filled with memorable experiences.



In the African savanna, you will encounter the tallest mammal, the giraffe, who lives harmoniously alongside zebras (each of whose stripes are unique) and antelopes (whose males bear horns that are impressive to behold).



You will encounter the largest of the tortoises who can live up to 150 years and weigh as much as 300 kg – the Aldabra giant tortoise, the only reptile representative at the Bordeaux-Pessac Zoo.



The Utahraptor (Raptor of Utah, USA) is the largest of the raptor family: more than 4m long and nearly 2m high. We share with you the last representatives of their species. In a shelter specially designed to safely observe them, meet Alpha, Betty and Gala. Do you dare approach them?